I’ve had many talks on this subject with fellow photographers and clients so today I decided to write my first ever blog “eeekk” on this subject.

For me as a Photographer and also many years ago as a client. I truly understand the complete value of Wall art and prints over Digitals and the value of getting those Images Printed to the very highest standard.

There is just so much going on. This digital world we live in has so many positives, but with most positives there are usually a few negatives along the way. Everything is so fast, we need to keep up with home life, digital life, work life, social life and it’s exhausting at times.

Portrait picture of young girl in frame
Portrait picture of young girl in frame
A few years ago I did a shoot for a friend photographing her children. I took some beautiful images and popped them all on a disk…yes a CD disk back then (so old) and gave the disk to her for her to decided what she would like to do with them. Several months later I popped round to see her, as I came through the front door I noticed some photographs on the wall, to my horror they were images I had taken during the shoot, printed on bog standard paper from her home paper printer and framed in Ikea frames, all crinkled and looking very unprofessional, any Photographer reading this now will know my absolute pain. The things is although my friend was completely unaware of my complete horror and I didn’t have the heart to tell her at that point, I realised that I had let her down as her chosen Photographer, the person to capture some beautiful memories of her most beautiful little humans. It was my complete responsibility as a Photographer to insure that those images – from the very first click of the shutter to the final finished print was of the highest standard and not only that but my reputation was also on the line. My friend had four children, she did not have the time to look into making sure her screen was calibrated, making sure her colour management was all set correctly and her colour profiles where all in check with printers, she didn’t have the time to research who were the best printers on-line to use, who offer the best product – that was my job.
Photograph of young girl in frame
Black photo frame of young girl
Life gets busy and although we always have great intentions, sometimes certain things take the back burner. Images get left on hardrives. USB and dare I say it CD’S Suddenly these images lose their value and bring not joy.